Good morning Vietnam in Kreuzberg/Berlin

Good morning Vietnam in Kreuzberg/Berlin

Just like the movie, I really like this restaurant! Especially in this Berlin Kiez („Bergmannkiez„) where it is really not hard to find any kind of asian food. But still I like this place particularly. There are different reasons for that:

1. because it is located in the calmed down backyard of the quite busy „Bergmannstrasse“,

2. because the service is always friendly and quick and

3. because the food is tasty.

I haven’t tried all the food on the menu yet, but I can recommend the summer rolls, the pho bo soup, the papaya salad and the chicken saté with peanut butter sauce. Since I’m a ginger tea addict, I just love their version with orange slices, really great, give it a try!

Yet I have always been there when it was cold outside, what is actually a bit sad, because they have a great looking terrace, where I imagine it wonderful to sit in a cosy summer night!

Enough good reasons to come back again!


Hey, my name is Doreen Klepzig. I am living in Berlin and working in the field of health care policy. In my leisure time I love to experience as much as possible of Berlin life and lifestyle. I ♥ travelling, sports, fashion, photography, good food and to write about this in my blog. Feel free to contact me:

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