I am off to Fuerteventura

I am off to Fuerteventura

Ich bin dann mal weg

Hey my lovely followers/readers. I just wanted to tell you that I arrived in El Cotillo/Fuerteventura. I already said hi to my surf and yoga School „Fresh & surf“ and enjoyed already a lovely beach walk, finished with a pretty good sunset. It is sunny but the wind makes it quite chilly. So I was happy that I brought my new beanie and my jacket. More about surfing and yoga here you will find in my next blog post pretty soon.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are.


Hey, my name is Doreen Klepzig. I am living in Berlin and working in the field of health care policy. In my leisure time I love to experience as much as possible of Berlin life and lifestyle. I ♥ travelling, sports, fashion, photography, good food and to write about this in my blog. Feel free to contact me: hello@kleppiberlin.de

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