Is black really the new green?

green smoothies are competing soon with black juices

Is black really the new green?

Healthy food is already everywhere

Clean eating has become omnipresent in our daily life. It is a value itself to be healthy and to look good. Important categories are the „smoothie“ and „fresh cold pressed juices“. It all started with the really tasty and good looking ones, mainly made of fruits. The green smoothies/juices followed right away. They are made with a big part of vegetables, e. g. baby spinach, cellery or the famous kale. It is rumoured that those greeans are really great to detox your body. All you need is a good food processor or a juice extractor and some fresh stuff. A green smoothie mix that I like: pineapple, baby spinach, celery and apple juice or coconut water. Some shops even offer cleansing sets for a couple of days (e. g. DALUMA).

Following the lifestyle trends of other countrys like the US, it seems that there is a new big deal just ahead of us: black juices.


Black juices/ black lemonade what’s this?

Black juices are blended with active charcoal. This coal is become of plants and was until now mainly used in the medical field in cases of oral toxication. Because of its big porosity it works like a sponge and therefore has the power to bind substances and toxins inside of us. So this just seems to be a clear benefit for a detox program. Detox smoothies are an easy way to supply your body with necessary nutritents.


new detox trend product: black lemonade

black juices made with active charcoal


What might be the problem of charcoal?

The problem with charcoal is that it doesn’t differentiate between good and bad substances. It just binds all kinds of substances. So in my understanding, I would say charcoal can just be an addition to a longer cleansing program. Otherwise it will prevent the absorption of the good nutrients.


My resumee

The question that came up in my mind was „aren’t the diarrhea tablets that are in my medicine box also charcoal?“. And yes they are. In the US you get the „black lemonade“ for $9. So I am really excited to see how popular this trend will become in Europe. Personally I see the benefits of charcoal and can imagine to include it somehow in my diet plan. I personally would say a charcoal tablet once a while will do for me. The lemonade would be just an expensive extravagance, because the charcoal will also bind the nutritions that are added in the lemonade.


Hey, my name is Doreen Klepzig. I am living in Berlin and working in the field of health care policy. In my leisure time I love to experience as much as possible of Berlin life and lifestyle. I ♥ travelling, sports, fashion, photography, good food and to write about this in my blog. Feel free to contact me:

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