Rembrandt Burger: the dutch art of taste in Berlin

Rembrandt Burger: the dutch art of taste in Berlin

Now and then I have non-paleo cravings! One longing that I’m having regularly is the appetite for a burger. Now one week before my Nepal trip I couldn’t resist to visit the best burger shop in Berlin. As you would never believe it belongs to a dutch man: Rembrandt Burger.

I love this place for many reasons!
– So here are my pro Rembrandt Burger arguments:

  1. To me they have the best sweet potatoe fries. And they are even more adoarable with their peanut-sauce.
  2. They just have the best Burgers. My favourite one is the so called Rembrandt Burger: sweet red wine onions, mild goat cheese, walnuts and of course really good organic mince meat from “Neuland”.
  3. Having the option to choose between a wheat and a whole-grain bun. From a friend of mine, that used to live just around the corner, I know that they created the perfect burger bun in close cooperation with their early clients.
  4. They offer their burgers in two different sizes: normal and mini. Mostly the mini burger is enough, but when I am really hungry or just totally desperate I have also no problem mastering the big size!
  5. And I love the little dutch flag in every burger they serve.
  6. Every week they create burger and dip specials that are also worth a try. Follow them on facebook and they keep you updated on their specials of the week.
  7. They offer dutch snacks like the well known “frikandel”, sweets like the super duper “stroopwafel” and drinks like “grolsch” beer.
  8. The interior is quite simple but still layed-back and the place is missing the usual greasy burger smell.


not real contra arguments:

  1. The place is no insider’s tip anymore but still it seems to be kept quite a tourist free zone.
  2. Since the beginning in 2013 this place becomes more and more popular and therefore it is often very crowded. Even the voice of Germany crew from Stefanie Kloß from Silbermond and her aspirants group have already visitied the place last year in november.  Sometimes this is a bit annoying. And yes you should make reservations in advance, but still I could always get a table at the desired time.


But besides that their is nothing to complain about. A good friend of mine took her dutch friend to this place. First he thought she is playing games on him: taking a guy from the netherlands to a dutch place in Berlin. But afterwards he admit that it were the best fries and the best burger that he ever had.

2016-01-Kleppiberlin-Rembrandt-Burger-03-Dutchman-Burger 2016-01-Kleppiberlin-Rembrandt-Burger-01-Saucen

The problem with having explored such a great burger & fries place is, that you can just be disappointed in every other location. The conclusion is always the same: Well, it’s not a Rembrandt Burger.

Rembrandt Burger

Richard-Sorge-Straße 21
10249 Berlin


The Team of Rembrandt Burger found our post 🙂


Hey, my name is Doreen Klepzig. I am living in Berlin and working in the field of health care policy. In my leisure time I love to experience as much as possible of Berlin life and lifestyle. I ♥ travelling, sports, fashion, photography, good food and to write about this in my blog. Feel free to contact me:

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